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By gunwriter I take a lot of crap because I don’t like shotguns. I’m OK with that. The thing is there are essentially two types of shooters in this world, rifle shooters and shotgun shooters. Rifle shooters can shoot or at least understand how, shotguns shooters can’t or just don’t want to try very hard. That statement probably ruffled a few feathers and shotgun shooters should relate to that. Lots of times when they shoot at birds – the preferred and only really justifiable shotgun target – that’s all they do; ruffle some feathers. This feather ruffling comes from the inability of the shotgun to actually do anything other than go bang on a consistent basis. You see shotguns are designed to help you miss and then give you an excuse for doing it. A turkey bird comes in strutting at 25 yards and from a seated position you manage to miss that turkey bird with not one but hundreds of pellets. If you had a rifle and missed it with hundreds of bullets the only explanation would be that you are an idiot or blind. But, do it with a shotgun and everyone understands. They’ll even say things like, “Yep, it …read more

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