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By Sam Hoober

Hollow Point Bullet

by Sam Hoober
Gun writer, Sam Hoober, reinforces the point, if you carry a short-barrel handgun, you need short barrel ammo for it to be effective.

Short Barrel Ammo Why You Need it in a Subcompact Handgun
Sam Hoober
Sam Hoober

USA -( Alien Gear Holsters’ Sam Hoober would like to reinforce that if you carry a short-barrel gun, you need a short-barrel round for it to be effective.

Naturally, subcompact pistols and especially pint-size plastic fantastics are far and away the favored gun for concealed carry.

A truth about defensive gun use is that caliber matters less than ammunition. If your bullet doesn’t work, if it doesn’t expand or adequately penetrate, the typical mid-bore pistol (most people carry 9mm or something close to it) becomes far less effective.

Ammunition, just like a gun, is a tool, and the truth is that if you carry a short-barrel gun you probably should have short-barrel rounds. Grabbing any old hollow point won’t necessarily get the job done.

Short Barrel Ammo is a New York Load Thing

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