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By Jacki Billings

Spike’s Tactical, a member of Shopify, took to the internet to protest the e-commerce site’s new policy revisions. (Photo: Spike’s Tactical via Facebook)
Shopify quietly revamped its policies Monday, effectively banning the sale of certain guns, gun parts and accessories for online retailers using the e-commerce platform.
Shopify’s Acceptable User Policy underwent changes to include a new category of restricted items. On the updated list, semi-automatic firearms that accept a detachable magazine and offer a capacity greater than 10 rounds are no longer considered acceptable for sale via Shopify. Additional restrictions banning the sale of unfinished lowers, pistol grips, forward grips, threaded barrels, suppressors, thumbhole stocks and magazines over 10 rounds have also been instituted.
Shopify members were notified of the changes late Monday night into Tuesday morning with multiple firearms retailers taking to the web to protest the changes.
“This decision will have significant ramifications to our business and should concern every online retailer and Second Amendment supporter,” Cole Leleux, general manager of Florida-based Spike’s Tactical, commented in a press release. “We have invested more than $100,000 in the development of our Shopify store, which will disappear once these policies go into effect.”
Shopify sent an ambiguous email out to members late Monday evening


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