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By Salvatore

The light weight variants of the snub nose revolver or the popular small pocket guns chambered in 380 are really the smallest guns we can carry that are still fairly adequate defensive firearms. However, they are not easy guns to shoot well. Combine a short sight radius, a gun that weighs only around 12 ounces unloaded, with a trigger that has a long travel and heavy pull and you have a gun that is not friendly in terms of accuracy. A step up in size to one of the many popular single-stack 9mm handguns will provide a weapon that is much more user friendly and more shoot-able for most people, and considerably more powerful. For those that need deep concealment, however, guns like the Smith and Wesson J Frame revolver, the Ruger LCR revolver, or the small 380 autos such as the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 or the Ruger LCP, offer inconspicuous carry beyond anything else.

These small guns are difficult to shoot and most consider them capable of little more than contact distance defense. However, these can be far more than strictly belly guns, but it demands some time and effort in training to gain proficiency. Since these guns …Read the Rest

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