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By gunwriter In 2005 a friend introduced me to a displaced cowboy. his name was Dave Campbell and he was the editor of what was at the time, an up and coming NRA publication known as Shooting Illustrated. We visited for a spell and Campbell gave me a few assignments. I guess he liked what I submitted and I think later on it was over a bottle of Wild Turkey – I know it was not while we were turkey hunting – I convinced Campbell to do something never been done in the history of firearms journalism: to create a column in his magazine dedicated to nothing but bullets. It was a kind of a big deal, and not just for the shooting press. Not only was it something that had never been done, for a hillbilly from West Virginia it was a career changer. For about a year I wrote things about bullets that had never been published before and then Campbell decided he was going to not be displaced anymore. He moved to what he now refers to as CowBleep, Wyoming. Guy Sagi, the new editor, was faced with budget restraints and had to cut the column. Guy however was …Read the Rest

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