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By Jenn Jacques

After a Houston, TX homeowner shot and killed a man trying to rob him Wednesday night at his home in Fort Bend County, the sheriff had more than a strong message for criminals. He warned them if they try to commit crimes against his county’s residents, they may share the same fate.

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls tells Eyewitness News the would-be robber demanded money from the homeowner as he pulled into his driveway in the 18300 block of Mossy Creek. That’s in the Mission Sierra subdivision near Richmond.

Instead, the homeowner grabbed a gun from his vehicle and shot the man two times. A photograph taken just moments after shows the homeowner–with his gun in hand–standing steps away from the man’s lifeless body in his front yard. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“We are investigating this as an attempted robbery,” Sheriff Nehls said.

According to Nehls, two weapons were recovered at the scene, one from the homeowner and the other from the robber.

“This appears to be pretty cut-and-dry,” Nehls added.

Nehls had a stern message for criminals coming from Harris County to Fort Bend County. Investigators have not confirmed if the dead man …Read the Rest

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