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By Cam Edwards

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

And if you believe this I have a lovely bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

“Often people think that because we’re doing this work, we’re anti-gun or we don’t support the Second Amendment. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Watts said in an interview with CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett in this week’s episode of “The Takeout” podcast. Watts noted that many volunteers the organization were gun owners or married to gun owners.

“This is simply about restoring the responsibilities that go along with gun rights,” Watts said. She added that while the top priorities for Moms Demand Action are background checks, red-flag laws and disarming domestic abusers, the organization also advocates for an assault weapons ban and has worked with municipalities on the issue.

She left out the part about Moms Demand Action trying to convince corporations to ban guns from their establishments, opposing concealed carry measures, and being funded by a gun who thinks you need to take young black men and “throw them up against the wall” to frisk them in order to reduce violent crime in urban areas.
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