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By Tom Knighton

Shannon Watts is all kinds of special. We all know that. Not only is she thin-skinned–she blocked me on Twitter ages ago–but she seems to think reality can be manipulated by wishing hard enough.

We don’t have to live this way. Vote wisely:

— Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) August 17, 2018

Actually, yeah, it kind of does have to be this way. We live in a violent world, and people like Watts have to spend so much time blaming the tool that they have never bothered to try and discuss the potential causes of violence in general. If we could deal with that, we wouldn’t have to worry about firearms.

I’ve said before, and I still believe, that you could give a law-abiding man a rocket launcher and he’d never hurt a fly with it, except maybe through negligence. However, a violent man will still hurt people, even if all he can get is a rock. Now, we’re not about to see rock control any time soon, except perhaps in London, but you get my point.

The law-abiding are never a problem, it’s the violent criminals that we can all agree are the issue.

For people like Watts, if …Read the Rest

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