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By James Tarr

Setting Up a Home-Defense MSR

At a recent media event, I was made aware of a survey done by the National Shooting Sports Foundation on ammunition purchases. More than 12 percent of the respondents said they had purchased rifle ammunition in the past year for the purpose of self-defense. Not ammunition, rifle ammunition.

The results shouldn’t have surprised me as much as they did. I was reminded that the NSSF did a survey of over 12,000 respondents in 2010, and home defense was the No. 2 reason (behind recreational shooting and before hunting) for owning a “Modern Sporting Rifle,” the NSSF’s term for AR-15-style rifles.

Keep in mind, 2010 was before the post-Sandy Hook gun sales explosion and before the Paris and San Bernardino terrorist attacks.

The short 16 1/8th-inch barrel on the Savage MSR 15 Patrol makes it well suited for the task of home defense.

One sure way to liven up a day at the range is to ask a group of shooters what they think is the best weapon for home defense. For years, that argument was divided into two camps: the pistol crowd and the shotgun crowd.

What’s Best
Proponents of the pistol for home defense argue its compactness and maneuverability, whereas the shotgunners argue stopping power …Read the Rest

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