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By Salvatore

A good carry gun can, of course, be kept close at hand near the bed at night and serve as your home defense handgun. However, many people, myself included, like to have a dedicated home defense handgun and there is some merit to this. The main advantage here is that you can configure your dedicated home defense gun differently than your carry gun. Also, most people carry a relatively small gun and if you have a dedicated house gun then you can go with a full-size pistol for this role.

My own dedicated home defense handgun is actually a Glock 19, as is my primary carry pistol, but the one I keep specifically for home defense wears a light and an extended magazine. Both add more bulk to a carry gun but in a home defense role, as long as it fits in your hand safe, there is no down side. The Glock 19 is really a full-size handgun despite being the compact variant in the Glock family so it makes a great home defense gun as well as a carry gun, but obviously the larger Glock 17 or Glock 34 would be great for the home defense role as well. …Read the Rest

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