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By James Rummel

chillicothe ohio

Pity poor Chillicothe, Ohio. (Chill-ah-koth-ee Ah-hia.) Never a big city, it has seen better days nonetheless. Except for an historical drama play that has been held in an outdoor theater there since 1973, there is very little to recommend the town itself.

It is a very pretty patch of ground, however, with some interesting hiking to be had up and down the hilly landscape. I’ve walked over most of the area myself, and can recommend it for the extremely well preserved mounds built by native American cultures that vanished close to two thousand years ago.

All that is well and good, but there is trouble to be found in this small slice of Americana. In law enforcement circles, the unofficial word is that the place is a hotbed of marijuana smuggling and prostitution.

That is small potatoes compared to what has been going on in Chillicothe these past twelve months. Seems a serial killer came to town in order to sample the ladies of the evening.

prostitute on street corner

Six women disappeared from their usual street corners. Four eventually …read more

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