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By Tom Knighton

Yesterday, when I wrote about the recently found issue with the Honor Guard handguns, there was another element to the story. In particular, the issue was an allegation that another gun website had information and had refused to report it. In the video was a screenshot of a text conversation telling Patrick Roberts, who wrote for the blog in question at the time, to have no further contact with Honor Defense.

At The Truth About Guns, they note this was in August of this year that this took place.


Let’s let that sink in just a bit.

Over those three-plus months, a website that is devoted to sharing news of the firearm industry has known that a firearm has a potentially fatal flaw and has said nothing? The site in question reported on Sig Sauer’s difficulties with the P320 having failed a similar test. While one of their writers claimed it wasn’t a big deal in an opinion piece, they did report on the issue.

But that was a Sig P320, not an Honor Guard.

For the record, this was also in August of this year.

So why allegedly block one story and not another? Well, it sounds like the …Read the Rest

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