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By Newt Gingrich

Senator Susan Collins


Senator Susan Collins

USA – -( Listening to the extraordinary speech by Senator Susan Collins I was struck by the resemblance to the senators described in President John F. Kennedy’s book Profiles in Courage.

While he was still a senator, Kennedy took advantage of a period when he was recovering from back surgery to write a study of eight senators who he felt had been courageous in doing what they thought was right, even if it cost them re-election.

Profiles in Courage was received with rave reviews and won the Pulitzer Prize.

If Kennedy were writing the book today, he would have to add a chapter for Senator Collins.

Senator Collins has consistently done what she thought was right. I am much more conservative, and I have often disagreed with her. Nonetheless I have worked on health projects and other issues with her, and she has always been thoughtful, serious, and dedicated.

When we have disagreed, it has been within a tone of friendship and mutual admiration that we are both serious people trying to help America navigate through some very difficult and complex challenges.

When I watched her speech Friday I had great admiration for her words – even more than …Read the Rest

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