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By Chris Eger

Harris said a ban on assault weapons “is in the best interest of keeping all of us safe.” (Photo: Kamala Harris’ office)
California’s former Attorney General and current junior member of the U.S. Senate went on the record last week in favor of rebooting the federal assault weapon ban.
Sandwiched between tweets addressing climate change, income inequality, net neutrality, a $15 minimum wage and remembering Mike Brown’s death with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris took a break to stump for a return of the old federal ban on guns classified as assault weapons.
“It’s long past time we renew the assault weapons ban in this country. It is in the best interest of keeping all of us safe,” she said.
Although the federal assault weapon ban sunsetted in 2004, at least seven states have passed their own blanket prohibitions while local bans exist in the District of Columbia and parts of Illinois and Indiana. However many contend the original assault weapon ban was ineffective and recent opinion polls found little appetite for a return of such prohibitions.
Harris brings a long history of gun control support to the chamber. As a Democrat, she started her career as the deputy district attorney in Alameda


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