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By Newt Gingrich


“McCain’s Death Leaves Void”

USA – -( When Callista and I first heard the news that Senator John McCain had died we were deeply saddened for his family. We are especially close to his daughter, Meghan, and had watched her devote endless hours in Arizona being with her dad as he fought the same terrible brain malignancy which had taken Senator Ted Kennedy.

Senator McCain actually died on the ninth anniversary of Senator Kennedy passing away. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Meghan, her mother Cindy, and their entire family.

Senator McCain’s death is an appropriate time to think about this extraordinary man and his life.

I had been shaped in my view of McCain by my good friend Chuck Boyd. General Boyd had been a prisoner of war in Vietnam for nearly seven years (1966-1973) and is the only POW from the Vietnam War to achieve four star rank. He respected John McCain from the bottom of his heart. He felt that McCain had shown courage and loyalty both to America and to his fellow POWs.

By the time McCain won a House seat in 1982 he was already a significant figure. He had become close friends with the Reagans and …Read the Rest

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