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By Ammoland

Bernie Sanders

Opinion by Larry Keane

Bernie Sanders’ Cluelessness, Ignorance and Disregard for Gun Laws is Frightening

USA – -( Presidential contender U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is either straight out lying, ignorant or seriously uninformed about gun laws in the United States. None of these is a viable qualification to set policy on America’s right to keep and bear arms.

Sen. Sanders (I-Vt.) answered questions at a CNN town hall event just prior to the South Carolina debate and primary about how his proposed administration would tackle the criminal misuse of firearms. He immediately pivoted to gun control talking points that have no foundational truth. Sen. Sanders laid out his attack on Second Amendment rights in a five-part plan.

Criminals Already Prohibited

“Number one, we need universal background checks,” Sen. Sanders said. “People who have a violent past, including domestic violence should not be owning guns.”

The Vermont senator clearly glosses over what is already standing law. Individuals who have been convicted of violent felonies and domestic violence crimes are already prohibited individuals. The background check Form 4473, which is required to the purchase of a firearm at retail, asks the individual if they are under …Read the Rest

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