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By Tom Knighton

When Alabama elected a Democrat to the United States Senate, you had to know there was something very, very wrong with the world.

While I, as a native Georgian, often crack a lot of jokes at Alabama’s expense, the truth is that the two states aren’t very different, so the idea of Doug Jones winning was kind of shocking. He was helped by the fact that he was running against a very controversial Republican candidate in former judge Roy Moore.

However, it’s almost like Jones is trying to live up to both my expectations of Democrats and my jokes about Alabamans, especially when it comes to guns.

When Hammontree, later in the interview, brought up that Jones’ maiden speech on the Senate floor was on gun control and asked what gun regulations he is in favor of, Jones pushed back.

“Well, let me correct you – and this is part of the problem, John, with the media and others,” Jones responded. “I didn’t make a speech about gun control. I made a speech about gun safety.”

Jones said he believes that “there is a difference.”

He then proceeded to explain the history of gun regulations in America, going back to “gangsters with Tommy …Read the Rest

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