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By Tom Knighton

There is no item for sale within the firearms community more controversial than the bump-fire stock right now. Yes, even more controversial than the so-called “assault rifles” they’re designed to fit. With legislation now proposed and politicians and activists alike calling on the BATFE to make a determination on these stocks, there’s been some question as to whether selling them is legal.

Now, since they’re still legal to own at this time and not regulated in any way except at the state level, then sure…so long as they comply with the state they’re being shipped to’s laws, but I’m just one guy and I’m not an attorney or anything else. took a different tact initially, but as The Firearms Blog reports, that’s changed a bit.

When Gunbroker changed their stance on whether or not to allow the sale of SlideFire, BumpFire and similarly related stocks this weekend, it caught many people by surprise. They sent out an e-mail detailing this new position. If you have not read our previous article covering this surprising move, here is the exact message Gunbroker sent out:

Dear Gunbroker User,

As the public face of internet gun sales, works closely with …Read the Rest

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