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By Robert Farago

Speed, surprise and violence of action! That’s TTAG’s corporate motto. It’s also damn fine advice for anyone who finds themselves in a self-defense situation, whether they’re armed (yay!) or not (boo!). But it behooves my ballistic brethren to remember that this discovery can be a matter of [what seems like] femtoseconds. That’s because . . .

bad guys use the same speed, surprise and violence of action strategy on their victims. The trick to avoid a sneak attack: situational awareness. The key to surviving: distance.

Guard it jealously. Keep it assiduously. And if you don’t have it, get it! The cop above should have retreated when he suspected something bad was going down. Don’t be a flat-foot. When bad things happen, move! Then think and act. That is all. [h/t Steve A]

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