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By Robert Farago

I carry an expensive Wilson Combat X-TAC Compact 1911. I do so because I have more confidence shooting the Wilson than any other pistol I own (or have tried) and it conceals better than any other pistol I own. A regular argument against carrying an expensive gun: the cops will confiscate the weapon after a defensive gun use. And? Once the job’s finished, I’ll deal with the loss. More importantly, I’m ready to tool-up with another trustworthy pistol. Because God knows I may need it. As does the El Cerrito homeowner above, whose post-DGU story below [via] is instructive . . .

A family member of a burglary suspect shot by an elderly El Cerrito homeowner showed up at the man’s door to confront him after the shooting.

The burglary suspect was shot in the head after he and an accomplice kicked in a back door to the man’s Cutting Boulevard home late Wednesday morning.

He was still able to run away but police caught up with him about 15 blocks from the home – with the bullet lodged in his head.

The suspect, 34-year-old Shawn Mulberry from Oakland, was hospitalized in stable condition. …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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