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By Robert Farago

I gotta say: the Krotzer clan has balls, dropping a dime on their neighbors from hell once a week. Especially as they knew — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that their neighbors were armed and dangerous. What this video doesn’t reveal: whether or not the Krotzers were armed in their own defense. At this point it doesn’t matter; they moved away. (Good luck selling that house after this report.) But I’d like to point out . . .

that just as good fences make good neighbors, so do good firearms.

Don’t get me wrong: most neighbors are peaceable, kind-hearted folks who share common values with their nearby compatriots. They’re a resource, not a threat. But it’s been my experience that there’s always at least one family in a neighborhood that isn’t all that…stable. My ‘hood’s got one. Yours?

At the risk of giving the antis ammo for their ceaseless campaign to portray gun owners as paranoid people, just as an armed society is a polite society, an armed neighborhood is a polite neighborhood. In fact, it can be a unifying factor as neighbors understand that they are armed for mutual self-defense, should it ever come …Read the Rest

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