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By Robert Farago

Anti-gun rights campaigners dismiss the notion of armed self-defense during a terrorist attack. They claim an “untrained” armed civilian will shoot the wrong person (by accident). Puh-lease. Anyone with half a brain knows it’s better to shoot at someone killing people en masse than not, even if you kill some innocents in the process. That said, this gun blogger can’t recall ANY examples of an armed civilian killing a bystander whilst trying to shoot a bad guy. In contrast, there are plenty of examples of armed police shooting the “wrong” person. Yes, there is that . . .

Since the Columbine school killing, the police no longer try to establish a perimeter at an “active shooter” event and proceed with caution. Negotiation? Ha! If there are innocents in the vicinity – and maybe if there aren’t – the police rush in and shoot anyone holding a gun. The rules of engagement used by our armed forces don’t apply. It’s point and shoot.

Clearly, you don’t want to be collateral damage in the police’s entirely understandable effort to end an active shooter or shooters’ killing spree. If you’re holding a gun when the cops …Read the Rest

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