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By Robert Farago

Jesse Lyne Bruner (courtesy

I have a rep in these parts for being anti-cop. I’m not. I’m anti-bad cop. If I hear someone breaking into my house or nosing around my property, I’m calling the my good friends (at that moment anyway) in the police department. I’m not going to investigate. I’ll gather friendlies, assume a defensive position and wait. Here’s a story [via deseretmnews,com] where a homeowner took it upon himself to locate and confront a perp before the po-po made the scene and paid the ultimate price . . .

The lethal events began when Jesse Lyle Bruner [above] tried to kick in Russell Jacobs’ front door. Unified Police Lt. Lex Bell said investigators believe Jacobs’ house was chosen for an unknown reason, completely at random.

“It could have been any house on that street,” he said.

Jacobs, a father of four, was in the house asleep, with his wife Jana and his 18-year-old son Josh. The three were the only ones home at the time, police said.

“Mr. Jacobs armed himself with a .45 and a flashlight and ran to the front door to see who was trying to break in. When the pounding on the door stopped, Mr. Jacobs, his wife …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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