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By Robert Farago


Dan and I spent a fascinating evening recently with the endlessly gregarious Rick Bongiovanni (above). The Operations Manager at Houston’s minimalist Athena Gun Club (think Apple Store for guns and shooting) is a firearms instructor, former cop and Hollywood make-up artist (no I didn’t make that up). Rick made an excellent point of what you should say to 911 operators after a defensive gun use. He recommends telling the operator “Someone’s been shot. I need an ambulance and the police at XXXX. I’m a concealed handgun owner. I was in fear for my life.” The important point here . . .

Asking for the ambulance. That way a prosecutor or lawyer (in a civil suit) can’t say that you were callous or cold-blooded towards the perp, who you just aerated in your defense. Your first thought was: get him (or them) medical attention! I would add that asking for medical attention for yourself is an excellent way to put off police interrogation while waiting for the inevitable adrenalin dump – which plays merry hell with your mind and body- to wear off. Remember: provide the cops with any information which may help retain witnesses and/or capture escaping criminals. …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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