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By Ammoland

Barry Loudermilk

By Mark Walters

Barry Loudermilk
Mark Walters
Mark Walters

USA – -( You’ve probably heard by now that a certain U.S. House Representative wants to extend CCW reciprocity to Washington, D.C. following the left-wing, hate-filled, attempted assassination of Republicans this week in Alexandria, VA by a socialist Democrat supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). That representative would be Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA)

That’s a great thing, right? Well, yeah, with one exception, he wasn’t talking about you! His comments, as published by the Washington Examiner and subsequently by the Washington Post, read as follows:

“There are several things to look at,” Loudermilk said. “First of all, if this had happened in Georgia, he wouldn’t have gotten too far. I had a staff member who was in his car, maybe 20 yards behind the shooter… who back in Georgia carries a nine millimeter in his car. I carry a weapon. He had a clear shot at him. But here, we’re not allowed to carry any weapons here… Most of us are here in D.C., so how are you supposed to have it here?”

“I think we need to look …Read the Rest

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