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By Tom McHale

How to Test Your Own Self-Defense Ammo: Sig Sauer's new M17 ammo is a +P version of the 9mm V-Crown.

Tom, schools us on how you can test your self-defense ammo in your everyday carry weapon.

How to Test Your Self-Defense Ammo: Sig Sauer’s new M17 ammo is a +P version of the 9mm V-Crown.

USA –-( How do you go about choosing the right concealed carry ammo for your self defense handgun? There are eleventy-trillion loads on the market and twice as many opinions as to which is the best. There are endless articles and YouTube channels that do “self-defense ammo testing.” Some of them are legit while others are #FakeNews. It’s not necessarily about people being nefarious or incompetent; it’s more about the number of variables at play with ammo selection.

Some brands have excellent reputations, but it’s near impossible for any “brand” to guarantee that each of their caliber offerings, and each of the loads within each caliber offering, perform ideally in every variant of a handgun. Self-defense ammo performance is a careful balancing act between penetration and expansion (or sometimes fragmentation.) If velocity changes a hair higher or lower that delicate balance can be upset. So, it’s not that the fancy new Master-Blaster 9mm load is outstanding, but their .380 ACP load stinks. It’s more likely …Read the Rest

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