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By Robert Farago


In the run-up to July 4, with terrorists calling for attacks on Americans on native soil (the term “Homeland” is ultra-creepy), the mainstream media is busy reassuring citizens that America’s anti-terrorist cops stand a good chance to thwart a plot. Or, if they can’t, that American law enforcement will respond quickly and end the carnage. See something? Say something. Good luck with that. No really. Meanwhile, here’s an idea . . .

shoot the bastards. If you, an armed American, see someone (or a bunch of someones) committing a terrorist attack, make sure you’re seeing what you’re seeing, and then shoot them. Repeatedly. Until you stop the threat. Consider it your patriotic duty.

If you’re blown up by a terrorist IED, you’re dead. Deal with it. If, however, there’s some kind of terrorist incident and you and yours have to get away, remember not to go with the crowd. You might be heading straight into a secondary attack. This message brought to you by Americans who realize that shit happens. That is all.

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