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By Justin Stakes

Bowhunting Deer - Mossy Oak Pros Know Bucks and Bows

By John E. Phillips

Bowhunting Deer – Mossy Oak Pros Know Bucks and Bows
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA -( Mark Drury of Osceola, Iowa, the founder of MAD Calls (, the co-owner of Drury Outdoor Productions ( with his brother Terry and an avid deer hunter, is a long-time Mossy Oak enthusiast.

Each year, Drury hunts in several states and consistently takes big bucks for his videos. But how does anyone take big bucks regularly? Drury explains how starting early and using new technology helps him find bucks, learn their haunts and habits and determine when and where he can expect to take one.

Secret No. 1:

I plant green fields with Mossy Oak BioLogic ( in areas where I have easy access with my truck to study the green fields, but I don’t plan to hunt them. I plant long narrow strips that are invisible from a public road. During the summer months, the wind direction in our section of the country often is a south wind, so I plant these strips where I either can walk in or drive in and scout them with a south wind. Then the deer won’t smell me. …Read the Rest

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