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By Dean Weingarten

An article in The Florida Courier, which describes itself as “Sharing Black Life, Statewide”, illustrates that black Americans’ attitudes toward guns and the Second Amendment are changing. For the better. Nowhere in the article did I detect a sentiment in favor of more legal restrictions, not even the usual to-be-sure quote from someone in the civilian disarmament community, giving the piece “balance” . . .


“For the average responsible Black person I believe it is very beneficial to have a CCP. I believe that many Blacks are afraid of guns. The reason is they have never been properly trained on how a firearm works. Once they get that understanding, they are eager to own and carry a firearm,” (NRA instructor Damon Barrs) added.

“If enough Blacks obtained a CCP and were properly educated, then many of our neighborhoods would safer – one street at a time,” Barrs concluded.

Barrs is also an NRA supporter.

“There are a lot of benefits of NRA membership,” he said. “They not only advocate for Second Amendment rights, but also provide insurance for one’s weapons along with other perks. I’ve been a member for two years and strongly advise becoming a member,” he continued.

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