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By Tom Knighton

No matter how many times we show that assault weapons bans are useless, gun control nuts keep trying to push them through. Now the matter is sitting before the Supreme Court of the United States, which should settle the matter once and for all.

In particular, the idea of banning an entire class of weapons is being challenged as unconstitutional.

The Second Amendment Foundation has joined other groups in filing an amicus brief with SCOTUS in opposition to a Maryland assault weapon ban.

“Our interest in this case [Kolbe v. Hogan] is guided by the belief that government cannot prohibit whole classes of firearms, including semiautomatic sport-utility rifles, that are in common use by private citizens and civilian law enforcement,” explained SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb in a press release.

“But in Maryland, they want to do exactly that,” he continued. “It’s almost as if they either don’t understand Heller, but are deliberately ignoring what was explained clearly by the late Justice Antonin Scalia.”

Back in February, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the ban, which was expanded in 2013 under the “Firearms Safety Act of 2013,” arguing that the Supreme …Read the Rest

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