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By Tom Knighton

(AP Photo/Dave Martin)

There’s something really wrong with any law that ultimately penalizes you for being the victim of a crime. To be sure, victim-blaming is supposed to be a bad thing, something we’re not supposed to engage in anymore, and that’s for the best. Nothing could be worse than being victimized by a criminal, only to be then victimized by the criminal justice system.

But, it’s not like the leadership in Seattle give a damn about that.

The Seattle City Council unanimously approved two gun control regulations Monday, originally proposed by Mayor Jenny Durkan, that require safe storage of firearms. Seattle residents now face penalties if they do not safely store their firearms or report lost and stolen guns.

“For me it’s very simple,” said Council President Bruce Harrell. “We are just trying to save one life at a time. Whether this law or any law drastically changes the needle, that concerns me less. We are trying to save one life at a time.”

Of course, neither of these laws will save anyone’s life. While mandatory storage laws might make it more difficult for non-approved people to get their hands on a firearm, that’s countered …Read the Rest

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