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By Tom Knighton

Even if you take the discussion of our civil liberties out of the equation, gun control is still problematic. Laws designed to restrict certain guns tend to be either too broad, thus banning guns few intended to ban, or they require specific definitions that gun makers will find a way around.

A prime example of that was the 1994 Assault Weapon Ban. The term “assault weapon” was meant to apply to weapons with a certain set of features.

As a result, gun companies built weapons that complied with the law but were still functionally AR-15s.

As bad as that is, what’s happening in Washington State is even worse. There, the ban portion of I-1639 went into effect January 1. The problem? The part of the law that actually defines an assault rifle doesn’t go into effect until July.

One gun store operator has vowed to continue business as usual until the new definition goes into effect.

But in Lynnwood Tuesday, Tiffany Teasdale said the law doesn’t make sense.

Teasdale and her staff at Lynnwood Gun are continuing to sell semi-automatic rifles to customers under the age of 21.

“It’s a feel-good law, that’s what it is,” Teasdale said about Initiative 1639.

Teasdale said she has …Read the Rest

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