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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

CZ Reaper Magnum Turkey Gun
CZ Reaper Magnum Turkey Gun

U.S.A.-( Whether the shot is longer-range or considerably closer, the CZ Reaper Magnum over-and-under is ready to fill your turkey tag! Outfit one barrel of this 12-gauge with a tight choke, the other with a more open variation, and you can take on that big tom at nearly any distance by merely flipping the selector switch on the Reaper Magnum.

You can even match your shells to the chokes you have selected. For example, fit one barrel with an extra full choke and load it with a magnum turkey load for that tom holding up at 45 yards, and a less powerful shell with a more open choke in the other barrel when a bird suddenly pops up at 18 feet.

Try that with a semi-automatic or pump shotgun!

The 3.5-inch chambers of the Reaper Magnum allow you to use nearly any 12-gauge turkey shells, while the automatic ejectors vigorously pop out the empties. The shotgun’s 26-inch barrels makes this O/U very maneuverable in the field, whether hunting from a blind or sitting with your back against a tree trunk. Prefer an optic for your turkey hunting? A Picatinny rail is included just …Read the Rest

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