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By John Farnam

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Scratch American Airlines!

On the subject of transportation of guns and ammunition in checked baggage on domestic flights, you’ll find airline web pages do their best to hide the information. What they do have is imprecise, mealy-mouthed, and thus mostly worthless. Some, like Jet Blue, avoid the subject completely. TSA’s is only slightly better.

When you call airlines directly, you’ll likely talk with someone who wouldn ‘t know a gun from a waffle-iron, and they’ll awkwardly attempt to recite from their own poorly-written web-page text, obviously not having a clue what half the terms mean. They’ll be utterly unable to answer your questions with any specificity. When you get to the airport, many will attempt to make-up “rules” as they go along.

They couldn’t care less, of course, but their ignorance, or even a gun-hating, personal agenda, may cause you to miss your flight.

AA is the only Airline whose web page specifically and clearly says that ammunition in checked baggage may not be inside of magazines. As noted above, other airlines …Read the Rest

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