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By Eric R. Poole

Leupold didn't cut quality with the new VX-Freedom.

Photos by Michael Anschuetz

Leupold didn’t cut quality with the new VX-Freedom.

Last March, I never grew tired as I patiently waited for a mature tahr bull to join a herd of nannys for an evening graze. Although the gathering never happened, the afternoon of scanning gave me time to consider the scope mounted on my rifle: a VX-­Freedom 4-­12x40mm that I was using to hunt three animals during the next seven days in New Zealand.

With temperatures ranging from the high 80s on day one to near freezing the next, we hiked up the Southern Alps’ Dobson Valley. When the temperture rose again, I was faced with glassing through dense fog that produced moisture on both lenses before being showered by torrential rain. However, it wasn’t a fight between me and the scope, as the coatings on the lenses — the same used on the lenses installed on Leupold scopes for the U.S. military — beaded up and shed the moisture out of view.

“Our new VX-­Freedom line delivers the versatility and performance hunters and shooters have come to expect from the Leupold brand, all while remaining budget-­friendly,” said Tim Lesser, vice president of product development for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “Whether you’re …Read the Rest

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