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By Tom Knighton

When the Justice Department decided to drop their attempt to regulate files that would allow 3-D printers to create firearms, I commented that gun control was effectively dead. After all, if people can fire up a 3-D printer and make whatever they want, then how do you expect to enforce gun control, especially against those who will do so regardless of any laws you put in place?

In my mind, this was a call to tell gun grabbers to give it up. They would never disarm the American people.

For Sen. Chuck Schumer, however, it was a call to try and limit what people can put on the internet.

Sen. Chuck Schumer warned Sunday that detailed blueprints for producing guns at home could soon be available online, calling for federal action to stop the move.

As of Aug. 1, websites will be allowed to post blueprints explaining how to make so-called “ghost guns” — guns manufactured on 3-D printers, and able to pass through metal detectors unseen because they are made of plastic.

“I am sounding an alarm that come Aug. 1, America is going to get a lot less safe when it comes to the gut-wrenching epidemic of …Read the Rest

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