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By Tom Knighton

The gun community is somewhat divided on red flag laws. I, personally, think they might be useful under some very specific and controlled circumstances as a temporary measure at most. Maybe. Color me skeptical, especially based on what we’ve seen so far from legislatures who have enacted them.

Others are vehemently opposed to them, regardless of any supposed good they might do. That’s certainly understandable as well. Even before they resulted in a death.

Still others are solidly pro-gun, but support the measures as a means to disarm those who are likely to hurt themselves or others. Honestly, I can see where they’re coming from too.

But I’m pretty sure the vast majority of us can agree that when the government takes the guns away from someone who wasn’t going to do anything, they’ve gone too far.

Yet that’s precisely what happened in Vermont recently.

Two 14-year-old Middlebury Union Middle School students have been indefinitely pulled from classes and face juvenile court citations after allegedly cooperating on a plan to shoot a fellow student and possibly others on campus today, Tuesday, Dec. 18.

Middlebury police are still investigating the case and are withholding the names of the two suspects because …Read the Rest

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