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By George

IndependentA school in Scotland recruited a hawk to scare off “nuisance” seagulls and prevent them from stealing pupils’ lunches. Spiney the Harris Hawk was brought in to watch over Perth Grammar School in Tayside as an extreme measure in pest control following a series of complaints from staff and pupils. The bird was part of a £7,000 operation put into place after staff reported that gulls have been dive-bombing pupils and stealing food. He was joined briefly by another hawk named Jean, who accompanied him in patrolling the school fields and playground Using birds of prey has become an increasingly popular method of controlling unwanted vermin and deterring seagulls humanely, with several falconry centres advertising their birds as such. Last week, Hillingdon Hospital announced it had employed a hawk trainer to scare off roosting pigeons thought to be a danger to public health.

You know things have gotten rough when the kids at your school can’t have lunch due to seagulls dive-bombing and stealing their food. At least there’s an awesome solution to the issue, hire well trained hawks to scare and potentially eat the problem. If you haven’t had a chance to see these animals work, it’s quite …Read the Rest

Source:: Patriot Outdoor News

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