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By Ammoland

Defenseless Students And Teachers

by Richard D. Turnquist

Bullets Both Ways supports the armed defender – those who are willing and able to take responsibility for the defense of themselves and others.

Colorado – -( On the evening of November 7, 2018, a gunman armed with a legally purchased weapon and several “high capacity” magazines (illegal under California law) walked into a country western nightclub in Thousand Oaks, California and shot several security guards and patrons before killing himself.

When the incident was over, twelve people lay dead, including a police officer who was killed by a shot fired by another officer. This tragedy highlights two critical concepts about mass shooting events. First, armed self-defenders were unable to be present at the scene [disarmed by CA’s laws], and second that gun control laws fail to prevent gun violence.

California law prohibits concealed carry in establishments that derive the majority of their revenues from the sale of alcoholic beverages, effectively making the Borderline Bar and Grill a “Gun Free Zone.” Unfortunately, the security guard outside was unarmed, making him the first defenseless target. Once the shooter entered the building full of unarmed people, he commenced shooting other guards and patrons, stopping to reload several times.

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