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By Jordan Stein

Urge the Republican Party to Censure Lindsey Graham
If you’re a registered Republican, please urge the South Carolina Republican Party to censure Senator Lindsey Graham.
Dear friend,
It’s no secret that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham gleefully takes every opportunity to stab gun owners in the back.
You may recall his latest betrayal was his strong support for the misnamed “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act,” which is a nasty gun control bill that includes a bribe pot for Red Flag gun confiscation laws, a backdoor for Universal Background Registration Checks, and delays/denials for young adults.
However, conservatives in South Carolina are not tolerating Senator Graham’s sell out any longer.
The Horry County Republican Party has stepped up and censured Graham for his vote for gun control. (You can read their resolution here and here.)
This effort is very commendable, and it sends a powerful message that Graham has a responsibility to not only the people who elected him, but the Constitution he swore to protect.
Nonetheless, the momentum must continue. We need the South Carolina Republican Party to censure Graham for his sell out.
So, if you’re a member of the Republican party, please contact them to pass a similar resolution to Horry’s. Please use the following as a springboard

Source: Gun Owners of America

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