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By Robert Farago

Left to right: MPX PSB (adjustable), SB (Folding), SBV SBM4, Scorpion PSB, Uzi PSB (courtesy

SB Tactical invented the pistol-stabilizing brace. Using an SB brace-equipped AR-15 pistol, handicapped shooters — and Jerry Miculek — can fire a PDW (personal defense weapon) one-handed. While there’s not been a single case of enforcement, the ATF looks askance at shouldering an SB-Tactical pistol-stabilizing brace-equipped AR-15 pistol. Luckily, there are also plenty of fun and accurate ways to fire one without shouldering it. Regardless, SB’s expanded their line to fit a large number of OEM AR-15 pistols (press release after the jump) and created a direct-to-consumer website. They’ve also scheduled a big product reveal at NRA, and TTAG will be there . . .

Saint Petersburg, Fla. (May 10, 2016) – Since 2013, SB TacticalTM has been at the forefront of accessories development in the PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) Pistol category, as the originator and manufacturer of the popular Pistol Stabilizing Brace. Widely known for their partnerships with SIG SAUER, Inc. and Century International Arms, SB Tactical is undergoing an aggressive rebranding campaign; expanding its product portfolio and strategic OEM partnerships.

SB Tactical’s product offerings include Pistol Stabilizing Braces for a multitude of AR, AK, HK, and …Read the Rest

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