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By Nick Leghorn


The pistol arm brace is a product that actually made pistol versions of modern rifles useful. But utility is only half the reason for getting a brace — it also makes the firearm look complete. The aesthetic difference between an AR-15 pistol with a bare buffer tube and one with an SB-15 brace on the end is night and day. It adds some much needed balance to the firearm, and provides a stable shooting platform for an otherwise unwieldy weapon. We’ve had a chance to check out SB Tactical’s new braces in person, and they really look great . . .

The only problem is that ever since the ATF pulled a fast one and started warning against shouldering a gun that sports a brace, there have been some people who have been cautious about buying them. Even when we pulled the guns out of their gun cases to check the new stuff out, the very first thing their PR guy told us was “don’t shoulder it.” That was advice we promptly ignored.


There are three new braces, two for H&K style firearms and one for …read more

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