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By Gregory Smith

Review By Tundra Tactical

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Tundra Tactical’s First impression review of the savage model 10T. We have been waiting a long time to test this gun and some of its variants. We are extremely excited to finally bring you or thoughts of this firearm, and the news is good!

Where does it fit?

The Savage model 10T fills a hole in the long range shooting world that quite honestly needed to be filled for quite some time. Savage has provided us with an affordable entry in the long to extreme range shooting world, what’s more is they have done this without making us choose between this feature or that feature.

While this firearm has only a small amount of competition, the rifle it is up against has dominated the “budget” long range world for decades now. As most of you know the rifle I’m speaking of is the Remington 700 series of rifles. However with prices starting in the mid 800’s the Savage Model 10T gets you if not the exact same, arguably better performance for 200 dollars less!

In times where we have come to almost come to expect to pay a thousand dollars plus for an …Read the Rest

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