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You are looking at a true game-changer — a full-size spotting scope with a digital screen, not a conventional rear glass eyepiece. On the new Omnis Digital Spotting Scope, the large front objective gathers light effectively as does a normal spotter, but you view the image on a digital screen. This has many advantages — multiple persons can view the screen at the same time. You don’t have to get extremely close to the screen as you would with a conventional eyepiece. This is great for a spotter or coach, who can also maintain a broader view downrange in his field of vision.
In addition, digital screen graphics can potentially provide range and ballistics information (via software). Another major advantage is that the screen output can recorded and later replayed for analysis or review. That’s great for training programs or when reviewing match stages — you basically can record a movie of your shooting sessions. And, the system works well at night and in low light, so it is great for hunters. Wouldn’t it be cool if your current spotting scope could be used at night?
GunsAmerica Hunt 365 Omnis Video Review and Field Test

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