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Shooting steel silhouettes is fun. For many of us, the “instant gratification” of knocking down steel is more fun than shooting paper. In fact, this very website came into being because the founder enjoyed shooting 600-yard steel silhouette matches in Southern California. That lead him to building a 6mmBR rifle and starting which evolved to become
Today’s video showcase covers a variety of metallic silhouette shooting disciplines. There are the classic smallbore and centerfire silhouette formats, shot from a standing position. One of the world’s top silhouette shooters, Eric Mietenkorte, shows how to shoot silhouette standing. But we also show varmint silhouette matches shot from prone position and from the bench. The Editor’s 600-yard silhouette matches were initially shot from prone (F-class style), and then later from a bench. Both formats were fun.
We also feature a cool video from New Zealand, showing handgun silhouette matches hosted at a beautiful, verdant range in Kiwi country. The handgun shooters use a reclined, foot-forward prone position.
So, whether you shoot prone, sitting, or standing, shooting metallic silhouettes is fun and challenging. Hearing the clang of steel and seeing a metal silhouette tip over is true “instant gratification”.

Photo from 2022 Spindeltop Smallbore Silhouette Championship,

Source: Accurate Shooter

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