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Ever wonder how rifles, actions, stocks, optics, suppressors, and ammo components are produced in factories around the world? Today’s Saturday at the Movies installment features fascinating videos filmed inside major firearms industry factories including BAT Machine, ZEISS, Norma, SAKO, Nosler, CCI and Federal.
BAT Custom Rifle Actions — Factory Tour and Owner Interview
BAT Machine Co. makes some of the finest custom actions you can buy. Numerous national and world records have been set with BAT actions. To create this video, Ultimate Reloader’s Gavin Gear visited the BAT Machine production center in Post Falls, Idaho. Gavin talked with BAT’s founder Bruce Thom. The video features extensive footage of advanced CNC machines used to produce the superb BAT actions. If you own a BAT action, or hope to acquire one some day, definitely watch this video. CLICK HERE for Full Story.

Norma Ammunition Factory — Cartridge Creation Start to Finish
Norma has released a fascinating video showing how bullet, brass, and ammunition are produced at the Norma Precision AB factory which first opened in 1902. You can see how cartridges are made starting with brass disks, then formed into shape through a series of processes, including “hitting [the cup] with a 30-ton hammer”. After annealing

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