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The National Rifle League (NRL) started off sponsoring major centerfire tactical matches, similar to PRS competitions. That proved successful so the NRL added a .22 LR Rimfire series, called NRL22. The NRL22 rimfire discipline has been a major success, as rimfire guns are fun to shoot and ammo is very affordable. The most popular NRL22 matches have drawn up to 200 rimfire competitors. And now there is a companion rimfire long-range series, NRL22X. Learn more about NRL22 and NRL22X at

NRL22 is a great way to get into competition shooting with minimal expense. There are six (6) classes: Open, Base, Ladies, Young Guns (8-16), OG (60+)/Adaptive, and Air Rifle. Base Class is for the budget-minded shooter — the combined MSRP of Rifle and Optic may not exceed $1200.00 (so you could spend $700 on a rifle and $500 on a scope for example). That keeps the sport affordable.
Open, Youth, OG, and Ladies Classes have no price limits on rifle and optic. Visit to find an NRL22 match near you. CLICK HERE for a full set of NRL22/NRL22X rules. The NRL also sponsors NRL22X matches. These involve significantly longer distances for greater challenge. Currently, an NRL22 membership costs $60/year for

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