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372,000,000 views! Today’s five feature videos have, collectively, been viewed 372 million times on YouTube. Today’s Saturday special feature five remarkable animated firearms videos from Matt Rittman, a very talented computer graphic artist. Matt employs multiple software programs to create these incredibly detailed animation. His software tools of the trade include Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, and Corona renderer. Don’t think this is easy. Some of these videos took over 500 man-hours to create. Enjoy!
AR-15 Full Animation — Components and Function

While there are other AR-15 animations on YouTube, we think this is the most accurate and creative, showing the function of a wide variety of components, including the bolt carrier, extractor, trigger, stock buffer, safety system, forward assist, and mag release. It also shows modes of a military M16, showing 3-round burst fire, and full-auto, employing disconnectors and auto sear. If you are planning to assemble/disassemble an AR, this is definitely worth watching start to finish. This video has amassed 1.5 million views in just three weeks!

Elements of Video:

0:15 Ammunition Loading
0:58 Bolt Locking
1:37 Forward Assist
1:56 Firing Sequence
2:58 Extraction & Ejection
3:16 Hammer Reset / Cartridge Feed
3:48 Trigger Reset

4:00 Auto Fire
4:58 Burst Fire
6:22 Bolt Catch
6:40 Sights
7:33 Adjustable Stock
7:50 Ejection Port Cover

Mauser Kar-98K

Source: Accurate Shooter

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