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A modern F-Class or Benchrest competition rifle can cost $4000.00 or more. Add $2500 for a top-tier scope and you can easily have $6500.00 or more invested in your rig. With that kind of money involved, you should transport that valuable rifle in a very high-quality case — one that is strong, durable, and secure. In addition, the case should have quality, customizable internal foam that cushions the barreled action, stock, scope, and key accessories.
These video reviews look at quality, durability, features, price, and other factors.

TSA-Approved Rifle Cases — Performance Tested

This Warrior Poet Society video covers the key features you need with a gun case. The reviewer also explains the important TSA rules you need to consider when flying with firearms. The reviewer, has used all kinds of cases to travel with his firearms on planes, over seas, across continents. In this video he reviews a range of cases — from basic affordable cases to high-end cases that costs many hundreds of dollars.
Five Hard Shell Rifle Cases Showcased

This review looks at five (5) of the best rifle transport cases. The video considers key features including hinges, locks, padding, and wheels. The five cases reviewed are:
1. Plano All Weather 2 Scoped

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