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The 2023 NRA F-Class National Championships are underway right now at the Ben Avery Range outside Phoenix, Arizona. There are two divisions: F-Open and F-TR. The F-Class Championships have two segments, Mid-Range and Long Range. The Mid-Range Championships ran from October 29 through November 1st, while the Long Range Championships commenced on November 2, and conclude on Sunday, November 5. See details of the 2023 F-Class Championships, including the course of fire, on the Desert Sharpshooters 2023 F-Class Nationals Program page.
F-Open Mid-Range Nationals Results | F-TR Mid-Range Nationals Results
For this Saturday Video Showcase, we feature five F-Class videos. These segments cover F-Class equipment, reloading, load testing, marksmanship, wind-reading and competition.
F-Class Competition — On the Firing Line at 2020 Nationals

This 12-minute video by F-Open ace Erik Cortina shows the action at the 2020 F-Class Nationals held at the Ben Avery Range outside Phoenix. Erik, who shoots with F-0pen Team Lapua, explains how team competition differs from the individual matches. Wind calls are made by the team’s wind coach. The shooter focuses on the trigger pulling.
Reloading for F-Class — Tools and Techniques

In this video, Erik Cortina a past SW Nationals F-Open Champion, and member of Team Lapua, provides a break down of

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